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Well, there goes January.

With the first month of the year over, a lot has changed for me I think.

I’m really trying to go with a:  “If what I have been doing hasn’t worked, why not try something new/different” approach to most things. It does feel like it is working, if nothing less I feel better about things.

2015 turned out to be a very bad year over all, though there were some highlights.

After the passing of a few rock star legends so far this year, one person’s comments seem to have stuck with me…”We are now in the twilight years of classic rock”. Or something close to that anyways. Somehow it I’m noticing that I’m viewing things a bit different lately. Could be a combination of thoughts based on my time & place here, but, ya…

Starting this blog back up again seems to be a good thing, and I feel it’s possible it may grow. But for now, I’ve been tasked with some domestic duties and a list of things to pick up, so I’m out.

The Humble Scrawler…




The “real” Humble opinion.

There seems to be a lot of blogs out there using the title “in my humble opinion” , however, My last name is for real Humble and all the others maybe* posers.   *(just saying, for that is for real my name). There we go, I’ve said it and it’s out there now I feel much better.


Building my Blog and Vacation/Travel Pages.

This has been a very good week for me, I continue to learn new things. I am building this blog and learning new things about blogging along the way. If you see this, and are reading it, I appreciate it. I’ll be working on this blog to expand to more people over the next month and of course work on interesting content to keep it alive. So….if you’re reading this feel free to give me a shout out. Cheers. Now back to school work.


Almost end of first week back at this Blogger thing. The Humble Chef, is now The Humble Scrawler it seems.

This Spring!! May 6-15, 2016. 10days/8 nights. Call me to book this Wonderful adventure.

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I’ve posted my Spring Tuscany & Rome Culinary Adventure. Click to take a look. Be sure to contact me to get you booked.

I will be posting Different promotions offered via Stoney Creek Expedia CruiseshipCenters in the coming Days. Keep a look out.

Plan on using this Blog for promoting my Vacation Sales business and still comment on food…for that’s still a big part of who I am.

A few things have changed since I set this up. Now I am a high school teacher and a Vacation Consultant with Stoney Creek Expedia Cruiseshipcenters.