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Thinking of Spring…

It appears to be falling snow outside, but for some reason I am thinking of Spring.

Though we haven’t has anywhere near a bad winter, it’s this time of year where I want spring. At least then I could wash the car, including the interior without too much fear of another sloshy winter day.

It’s ok though, March break is close and things will get there.

The days are getting longer and I have noticed the sun shining in more, highlighting places that need to be cleaned; thanks for that.

I do have a lot to be thankful and grateful and I do try to show and live that each day. Well off to get the day started. Safe driving all of you….especially those on my path to work and back. lol.

Coldest day of the year?

So I was driving into work today listening to the radio as I often do when not listening to an audio book. Anyways…I had some interesting thoughts as I’m seeing all the awesome views all around.

My first thought seeing all the sights in the fabulous morning sunshine, I want to take a pic on my cell phone and share the views with however the hell looks at my pics I share on Twitter, etc. Then the obvious fact that I’m driving gave me pause, and thought of the steps required to pull over, find the right spot, get the right angle and all that. Then it hit me!! It isn’t about the fact of sharing it with as many people as I can and seeing how many likes I get. It’s about the fact that I seen it in the first place and that I’m able to enjoy it. Then all was good with me in that thought.

Also…listening to people on the radio, sharing to all the listening audience what he would do with all the savings on gas this morning because it is a 7yr low in the prices. He shared that he would spend it on going out more and enjoying a night out, or what have you…

Here’s my thing: The gas is truly lower than it has been in some time for sure. However, how much money will you truly be saving now that you drove out of your way to get the savings and it is on just the one tank of gas or two before the prices go up again?! Blowing the wad of savings off even three tanks full of gas…wow! Go bananas and spurge on the dinner out in Toronto on that savings, let me know how it goes for your 1/2 of street cart hot dog dining.

I mean really!! Savings true, and great prices on gas, true. Investing on entertainment though? I think not mister.

Ok…I’m done. I was holding that in most of the drive in, and through setting things up here in my office.

The Humble Scrawler…


October Culinary Adventure. Don’t miss out, Book now.

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We made it passed Groundhog day.

Today is the last school of semester 1. I survived, and I’m doing well thanks.

It has been a very interesting start to the school year with lots of learning and discovery on a personal ans professional level.

I’ve been a chef for many years with over 25 years in the industry. I have transitioned over into teaching which has been a more comfortable shift than I had thought.

I have also started working with Cruiseship Centers for I love travel and love talking about it. My thought to be honest, is to start myself in this business to make money (for who hates making money? It’s not a bad word you know) past my teaching years, and well into whatever my retirement may look like. It is a way to fill my interest in travelling and various destinations and hopefully make a comfortable living at it as well. So yes… three different sections of my life all posted for all to see here on this blog.

This blog is not just to express my opinions on various things, but promote my cruiseship center business. I will be sharing pictures of myself and expressing different experiences of really…….whatever I want. Feel free to follow, comment and support this blog. Thank you.

I also want to thank the two wonderful young ladies who mean a lot to me for assisting me with the cosmetics of this blog. You know who you are.


The Humble Scrawler…

Welcome to February!

The week started well. Exams almost over, Semester 2 getting loaded and a new month of possibilities on the way with what seems to be warm weather too.  Oh yes, I one think one of my uncles gets a birthday this year. Thank you.

The Humble Scrawler…