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Hyatt Kauai Resort March Break 2016


In the inner lobby

First day, and all is looking Fine.

Tomorrow might check out the Ahi Tuna Benedict with wasabi hollandaise for breakfast. Need to find the fitness room first.


the “Who’s keeping and eye      on whom selfie”.


here is a Classic “did I get it in the pic?” selfie


Disney win a Free Cruise Promotion coming soon

Coming Later this month…. Disney will have a promotion with both Land & Cruise vacation.

There will also be a draw for a chance to Win a Free Cruise with Disney. Middle to late March.

Soon as it is released, I’ll put it out there so all of my contacts will be able to enter the draw.

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I thought Spring was in the air…

Well, here we are a week or so from March break, at least in my part of the world.

Yes, there is snow still on the ground, but let’s face it…in our minds we are want spring to be NOW!!

However, being that is isn’t spring,  all the inevitable cleaning will have to wait till later.

Ok, I’m done, off to have a beverage.


The Humble Scrawler…