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The End is near…

It is always a weird time of year when the school year ends and the anticipation of what will come for September.

It is also funny knowing we all take the same time off during the summer, knowing it is possible that half of the teachers do some kind of move. People retire to take on a different chapter, some take mat leave to have a kid, or to take care of a kid. Others move to different schools for a better position and/or opportunity for their teaching career. You know where the chips fall until the first week of September.

Expectations for September, and plans continue based on what may, or may not happen.

Being flexible in teaching is a lot like being flexible in the industry. Y never really know what will happen from season to season. I do know one thing for sure though…I always grow and learn in whatever environment I’m put in.

All good, and another chapter is starting for me too.



First full weekend of summer

Headed up to Alaska soon, and I can’t help but think of eating salmon for some reason.

Hoping I take some great pics too. I keep hearing the views are breathtaking.

My hope is to post all my pics and vids on here. should be good.

Talk to you later.




What did Alice Say…?

School is all done for classes!!

I just have to take care of all my comments and marks, then enter them in for the report card part of the process…THEN we’re all done.

Been a great year for me. One of change and growth, so it’s all good.

Like someone I know well would say…”you’re doing well enough to bitch about it, so it can’t be THAT bad”. lol

Hey, I’m outta here ( the school anyways)for today, we’ll see ya tomorrow.


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