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Wow, look at the time…

It’s amazing how the time goes by.

School has been up and running now for about a couple of months now and it has kept me busy.

It is really funny how the time goes when working at two different schools this year.  Two classes in the morning and one at a different school in the afternoon. Really makes you focus on time management and preparation for both class and for both schools.

I seem to be surviving though, but when I stop and do some planning I do wonder how the time flies by.

Life goes on, and new life chapters happen and changes make you stronger right?

I’m trying not too look at life too differently now that I realize I’m 50. I wonder if we all think we did a lot in our lives, then at times, wonder if we could have done more.

We all do what we think is right at the time, from the lens we see and experience life through at the time. Its only when we take time as we get older , we ask ourselves how different can I do things and wow, look at the time, how long do I have to do what I want to do yet.

Well back to work.