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Not Just because I’m Canadian…but here you go.

Check out @canada150th’s Tweet:

2 Years later, this is still on my mind: The end of the Sugar Cane era in Hawaii

When you think about good ‘ol fashion sugar produced around the globe these days…it’s k8nd of scary to me.

KAHULUI, Hawaii –

The year 2016 will mark the end of an era in Hawaii. After 180 years in the state, the sugar industry is shutting down. Hawaii’s last remaining plantation is phasing out it’s sugar operations this year. As the industry goes away, so does jobs.

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Nathan Myhrvold’s New Book Says Bread Is Lighter Than Whipped Cream. He’s Right.

I haven’t read this article yet, but it sounds like this guy is really thinking, not just following the line.

From the brief things I’ve read, I really want to read more.

What do you all think?

Here is a clip from the article:

Says Myhrvold: “Bread is what I call a technique-driven food. … Well, let me tell you, bread is not natural. Bread looks nothing like grain — just compare the two — in the same way that cheese is really not just old milk, and wine is not just spoiled grapes. In all three cases, humans over a period of at least 10,000 years, maybe 100,000 years, carefully figured out all these techniques to utterly transform the grain into this amazing thing we love to eat.”

Why do you slash the loaf before baking it? Why does injecting steam into the oven make a crustier loaf? Which is denser, bread or butter? And even denser than butter, it turns out, is whipped cream.

This is good to know. I’m always wondering how and when to use these guys. 

Allergen-Friendly Remix: What to Do With Hemp and Chia | Food Bloggers of Canada

Totally feels like Spring – great day for a walk.

Spiked Banana Cream Pie Milkshake Recipe | Bobby Flay | Food Network

Trying something new

I find I am on here a lot more of late, and I got to read many comments from various people and that has been good I think.

I have added some videos to my posts, maybe a little carried away on that. I have added some along the sides and the bottom.

I have deleted promotions that were not getting much attention and/or had expired.

I have added information regarding Land vacations, for I know not everyone is into cruising for various reasons, and thought that might be nice to acknowledge that.

Doing some office work before I get serious into this weekend and celebrate international wine day.

Talk to you all soon.




Tesla owners now have an even more obsessive companion app

I want in on stocks of Lithium.  ….Could A Lithium Shortage De-Rail The Electric Car Boom? |

Very interesting for sure.  Hmmm .Stock of the Revolution: How to Best Invest in Lithium Batteries