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OK, maybe Not Ontario’s go-to blog

I know. I over sold. But only for two reasons.

I wanted to know if just because it was “said to be”, does it attract more?

Secondly, I wanted to promote my blog.

Thanks for visiting and hope you’re not too upset that I over sold.

Have a Great day.


Is it Spring Yet?!

Think I need one now

Canadian students asked to design Google doodle for Canada’s 150th birthday – 680 NEWS

This sounds like a great idea. Look forward to seeing what they come up with.

reMarkable | The paper tablet

I think I need one now

Barn burns in Cramahe Township | Northumberland Today

Number 4 that I know of. Is there something here? What’s all the barns burning for?

Can’t believe no one is reporting on this.

Sugar Shack TO. Oh for the love of Maple syrup.

Was a bristly Day on the beach for sure! But had another taste of fresh maple syrup and bought a litre or two for recipes this coming week.

Not the vision I had of “going to the beach” during March break…but we are in Canada after all.

Humber College Sugar shack Thursday

This was my first experience drinking maple sap direct from the tree. Toasting the Sap and the beginning of Spring.

That was a 4 days ago, now a snow storm foretasted, oh well.

Thanks CCF Toronto.

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