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Princess Cruises 3 Day sale for 2018/19 Sailings. Check it out.

TICO# 50013139

AmaWaterways 2017 Christmas Market Cruises

TICO# 50013139


More great offers and travel specials being posted this weekend!

I am preparing several great offers from several suppliers. Stay tuned for all the information

Thanks for your patience.



Just a reminder….

FINALLY an ounce of justiceĀ

Taste of Italy Tour with Transat

Be sure to give this a look. See if this is for you. space is running out.

Give me a call.

Watch “2! SPACE MOUNTAIN @ Walt Disney World & Disneyland Tokyo Resort POV 2017 * Best 4K Quality OnRide” on YouTube

Inspired by another Chef; thanks Bobby.

Certainly on the list of cocktails This season.

Happy EasterĀ 

It’s a little funny.

It’s funny how life goes in cycles regardless of intent. 

My teaching has taken a front row the last little while. Though I have a blast teaching and wish to do it for many years. It did however take over my time up till now.

This is where I shift back into getting out doing more.

Thanks for for following and reading. I enjoy reading other bloggers and seeing other ways of seeing the world we all live in.

Till next time.