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Suspension bridge walk

Vancouver Island three ways

Because I’m a BC boy from the Island and been to these locations….

Here’s a nod to my hometown.

Special to The Globe and Mail

Just in case you were curious when the Queen passes

Watch “420ft Suspension Bridge” on YouTube

Thinking of going there this weekend. Ever been?

Students Never cease to amaze me.

Grade 10 AutoCad and CnC work. Then a lil paint. Wow.

Less than 6 weeks and saying, I’ll never learn how-to do that.” ….Blown away.

Very interesting website that some of my students were referencing today

Very interesting stuff here. Grade 9 students are referencing this for their class assignment this week.

Thought is was worth the share.

“Spinoff profiles NASA technologies that have transformed into commercial products and services. About 50 spinoff technologies are featured annually in the publication, demonstrating the wider benefits of America’s investment in its space program.”

“NASA has a long history of transferring technology to the private sector. The Technology Transfer Program was formally established in 1964 in response to a congressional mandate to facilitate the process, and the program has functioned under various names ever since, making it NASA’s longest continuously operated mission.”



Bell appeals to cord-cutters with live TV streaming service Alt TV

What do you think about this move?

Bell is offering TV viewers who abandoned their expensive cable packages a new cheaper option for live streaming.

Source: Bell appeals to cord-cutters with live TV streaming service Alt TV

I’ve often wondered about this. Here in Ontario, huh.

How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed Easily in Your Own Home

Not too sure how my cats would feel about it, but the raccoons would most likely have better breath.

Just a thought.

Why Chefs wear uniforms

This I find interesting. Seems like a good blog with good info if your a chef or curious about those chefs out there.