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Watch “Eden Reveal” on YouTube

Thinking about Ecuador these days

so we have been thinking of going to Ecuador for some time now, but next month is the time we actually go it.

I will be posting lots of pics from our trip there, and I tell you I can’t wait.


Help me fill this Tour people. 

Frampton in the Tdot 

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Really does make you wonder…

Another good day to be outside 

School is Almost done for another year.

As another school year comes to an end, where do my thoughts go?

I think of all the crap I haven’t used in years and want to toss out, or sell on Kijiji.

All the other crap that needs to get done to make my life relaxing and enjoyable as I realize today my bald spot is getting bigger dammit!

I love my job really working with grade 9 students mostly, they really are a lot of fun. But there is always the wonder of what the hell the board is going to do with me next year.

Looking at vacation options and destinations, and wondering what place will be the best place for fun and experience. But most of all I guess, is that I am able to take some time away and enjoy it.

This blog continues, and I continue to learn how to make it evolve and make it better and exciting. But in the end it is all about me and all the shit I wish to talk about.

So we’ll talk to you later, or I may not. Either way I hope your day is a good one.



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