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Always like reading stories like this.

Change here is happening in about 30 days

Changing direction, and soon will the theme of this blog. Hope you all like and follow my journey.


Things are changing in my life

As things change. So will this Blog.

All will change in January.

All new focus and plan

Thanks for listening.


Sweet weekend

Had a rough week. Out and about hop8ng for a better week.

I need to work on this.

Thinking about changes. Lots of changes

Hanging out in my backyard today

Start of school soon

Seems this is my 8th year in teaching.

Never thought it would happen, but here we are getting things ready for Tuesday. I am a very lucky guy and knowing it is sweet.

Make it a good one people

Stuck in the TedTalks,

I want to learn Spanish. Wondering if this may help?

Just finished a teacher conference on PBL.

During the conference, while out for dinner in Hamilton, I found out about this guy.

What do you think?

Mindo, Ecuador Chocolate Factory

What an awesome time experiencing chocolate. Love how they use every part, very little waste. Thanks Sergio.