What a great open market

Yup, it happened

That was a great day looking @ Boobies

The birds of course

How many people remember one of these?

Who had one of these? Or a buddy who had one.

What a day Manta

Whale watching tomorrow. This is going to be good.. Thanks Manta.

Great Tuna in Manta

Best Tuna Ceviche ever!!

Hanging in Manta for a few days

looks like it is going to be a good day. Major Tuna fishing industry, so I think I know what’s for dinner tonight.

The other half of our time in Manta



Going to Quito



This was a great place for dinner

The Grits were great, the Crawfish yummy, and even the Hushpuppies were good. Sweet dinner rolls were good with the Jumbolaya too. Thanks Panama city.